In Spanish two we worked on a project creating a Voki account. In this assignment we had to log on to Voki.com and click on create. After this you get to create an avatar to do this you go through and pick what you would like your avatar to look like. Your vavatar does not have to resemble you it can be an animal or smily face. Before or after, it does not really matter, you can change the background of your avatar. The website has a selection of backgrounds with holiday, or just simple backgrounds. Once you finshed creating your avatar you save it, then press edit click the small phone button and call the number it gives. This allows you to record your voice so the avatar can say it. In our class we had to click ‘send it a friend” and out our teachers email in it and send it to her for her to grade it.

This progect was fun and it had a lot of good things about it. I dont think i would consider it educational because we had already written an assignment that we had to say. However it was a fun way to get practice speaking what we wrote.

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